We are developing a cost-effective grid-scale energy storage system. The system stores energy as heat, based on a closed-cycle Brayton loop in an innovative system architecture which provide cost-effective storage and can rapidly respond to grid requirements. This allows the system to store and generate in response to supply & demand, as well provide ancillary grid services. The system relies on low-cost ceramic materials as the heat store.

SynchroStor’s programme of R&D is in collaboration with the University of Edinburgh and is supported by BEIS. We are currently developing the design for a scalable 1MW/1MWh demonstration plant.

We have a core group of talented individuals working on the project. Please see our Team page for more details.

The University of Edinburgh is a key partner, providing expertise and resources to enable the project.

Our work is supported by the UK Department of Business, Enterprise and Industrial Stategy’s Energy Storage Cost Reduction Competition.

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